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They say that when two or three people tell you the same thing that’s called a clue. Well, many years back I didn’t get a clue, I got a walloping over the head. I’ll tell you more about that later.


But let me first address you and your dog or puppy. You see, I know why you’re here. No, I don’t know the exact issue you may be dealing with.


You may be like many of our clients who have a dog or puppy that is just a bit unruly.  You know, pulls on the leash, jumps on people, won’t come when called, pees in the house.  Stuff like that.

Or you may be like the significant portion of our clientele who seek us out from all over the Charlotte, North Carolina area and beyond.


I’m talking about the type of client who has a dog with some heavy anxiety problems.  Or even big time aggression problems.  I’m talking about the type of client who has already visited another trainer.  Or two. Or three.  Or fifteen.  (No, I’m not kidding.  We have a client who has used 15 other trainers before choosing us as their go-to dog trainer.)


The type of client who recognizes that it takes a specialist to get the types of results to overcome some serious dog training challenges.


If these descriptions are you, you’re in the right place.


I grew up a dog lover.  My whole life I had a certain way with dogs.  I could get them to listen.  I could help them through problems.


As an adult it got to the point where I was known for this.


Dog owners, just like you, who were my friends and family kept approaching me asking for help.  The word got out.


And it wasn’t two or three people who mentioned, “Hey, you know you should really be a dog trainer.”


It wasn’t until it hit about twenty people who told me that when I realized that we were way beyond ‘a clue’.


As a faithful man I realized I was getting a walloping upside the head.

So I did it.


I got myself certified as a dog trainer in the Charlotte area.


That was great.  But it was really just a piece of paper.


But it was then that I kicked my dog training career into hyperdrive.


I started learning from some of the best dog training minds in the business.  And from them I was able to put together dog training programs that worked.

You want to know the must funny thing?


Yes, I’ve been able to learn from great minds.  Yes, I’ve attended seminars, been through courses, become certified.


But it was the dogs.


Dogs just like yours.

It was them who have truly taught me the most.  Being able to work with and train hundreds of dogs, helping them work through the small to major challenges, has put me in a unique position to help you and your dog no matter what you’re dealing with. Through this educational process I’ve been able to craft unique and select programs that work.  And they work every time.


In these programs I literally take you by the hand and walk you through a proven process that has worked with hundreds of dogs just like yours. I take all of the guess-work out of training your dog and show you what works and help you avoid all the pain, time, money, and heartache that come with ‘trial and error’.

In these programs I show you a very simple process where we can build the right foundation and then, on top of that, work to solve any problem you may be having. While we have standard programs they are all customized to you and your dog.


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