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I remember the first time I started offering group dog training obedience classes to the public.


I was fairly new in my dog training career and I had taken my dog to a Tractor Supply to buy some things and to work on socialization and training for a dog I was working with.


After being there for about 20 minutes I happened to get into a conversation with the store manager.

It came up that I was a dog trainer and he asked me immediately if I could run group classes in their building.


“You could start tomorrow if you want,” he said.  “There are plenty of folks needing dog training pretty bad.”


After chatting a bit more I was warming to the idea but I asked him,


“Well how do you even know if I’m any good?”


He responded, “I’ve been watching you work with that dog around this store for the past twenty minutes.  I can tell exactly what kind of trainer you are.”


That was six years ago and I’m still teaching those group classes today.


I’ll be honest with you.  Group dog training obedience classes aren’t for everyone. If you’ve got a dog with some bigger problems then a group setting isn’t going to be your best bet at first.


But at a very minimum, every single dog owner in the greater Charlotte area should be taking their dog to at least a group obedience class for dogs. Even if you’ve had dogs before.  Even if your spouse swears he knows what he’s doing and he’ll ‘get around to training the dog this weekend’. Even if you think you know the basics.

A group obedience class is designed to get your dog around other dogs in a structured way so that they can learn the fundamentals of obedience, calmness in a group, respect for places other than home, and so much more.


Yes, many of our clients do end up wanting to upgrade into one of our Private plansor one of our Dogcations but they use the group dog training classes as a way to gain their foundational handling techniques and understanding of dog behavior.


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