Train Play Live | FAQ’s
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Q: I love the idea of a DogCationCamp, a.k.a. Doggie Boot Camp. But I’ve heard that they aren’t a good idea because the dog will only listen to the trainer.  Is this true?


A: Traditionally, this was true.  In fact, we’ve worked with plenty of clients over the years who sent their dog off to ‘boarding school’ only to have their dog come home with a list of commands and a solid ‘good luck’ from the dog trainer.  They struggled with maintaining any training.

Our system is different and unique. For starters, because the training is done in our home environment we can get your dog to a much better level of training than many of these traditional ‘boarding kennels’ and ‘boarding schools’.


But it goes beyond that. Just as important as training the dog is training the owner. Just because your dog is coming to our Send Away Camp doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook.


Well, you’ll have a lot less work with our Camp but you’ll still need to maintain the training. We’ll do extensive work with you one-on-one, give you access to our group activities, and provide detailed handouts on how to maintain your dog’s new training.


And because of our guarantee you never have to worry. We stick with you for the life of your dog and will always make sure you’re getting the support you need.

Q: I notice that some of the private sessions will be done at your property.  But I’m mostly worried about how my dog behaves at home. Don’t I need just home sessions?


A: Great question.  The reality is that ‘behavior is behavior’.  What that means is that your dog needs to learn new behaviors.  Period.


WHERE he or she learns those behaviors is less important.


For example, we’ve got a lot of clients whose dogs struggle when the


doorbell rings. Well, they don’t have a doorbell problem. They’ve got an impulse control problem, they’ve got an obedience problem (the dog simply needs to lie down and stay when someone rings the doorbell), they’ve got a relationship problem in the dog not listening to them.


We can solve those issues anywhere.


In fact, the benefit in doing sessions at our location is that it makes it more challenging for your dog. Getting in a new environment, working with our pack of dogs, seeing new sites and smelling new smells, can make it a big challenge for your dog. We want to make the training as challenging as possible so that every day life is easier to manage.


The bottom line is that we tend to examine each dog in a case-by-case way. Some dogs will need more home sessions and we’ll do them…but that’s rare.


Most dogs simply need to learn a new way of living, a new relationship with their owner, a new way of communicating and then it’s important that those new skills be applied EVERYWHERE; your home, your neighborhood, the pet store, the vet’s office, and more.