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My Training

Most of my close friends and family believe that everything that has happened to me in my life has led me to my passion of being a dog trainer. Growing up in the country on horseback and with a dog by my side is where I started. I loved animals even then and always had a book in my possession so I could learn as much as possible. After graduating from UNC Greensboro, I began teaching school and found that I needed a church ministry job as well to support myself and my wife.  Through fourteen years of those jobs, I have learned how to communicate and motivate people.  This is such a huge part of dog training!  Trainers that only train and relate to client’s dog, just do not get the same results as those who can help the owners realize what their dog needs and what they need to change to make that possible.

When it became evident that I needed to pursue this career, I took a year long course through Animal Behavior College and graduated with honors. This gave me plenty of hands on experience, but I wanted more.  I studied from several of the world’s best trainers and developed lasting relationships with them. Most of all I have had a couple thousand dogs or so pass through my hands and training.  This experience has been the best education I could ever ask for.  The combination of dogs and owners allowing me to learn something new or better every day, seasoned professionals that truly invested in me and my business and the grace of God, are the main reasons we are growing so fast and having a blast helping dogs and owners have a better life together.

Many wise dog trainers and clients have told me that CHARACTER is the number one trait clients should look for in a dog trainer.  All the dog training knowledge and experience in the world means nothing if you don’t trust the person charged with delivering that for you. We want to be the last dog trainer you’ll ever need.

My Family

Rockwell NC is the home of Train Play Live Dog Training. We live on 30 acres of family land with the scenic Dutch Creek running right through the middle. My beautiful wife Heather and our son, Eli help with the dog chores and training. Heather’s parents live next door and her Mom Suzanne helps me with group Tractor Supply Company in Salisbury.  We are truly a family ran business.  More importantly, we consider all of our clients family too. Every week we think of a few past clients that we just want to know how they are doing both personally and with their training.  We call past and present clients quite often.  

Our property is constantly changing for the business.  We have added a half mile of trails along the creek and behind the house in the woods.  This provides great real world training and distractions to proof what we have taught our clients dogs.  We have a half mile of road to run dogs by our John Deere Gator, which gives them excellent physical and mental energy drain.

It Is Possible!  Let’s Chat About Your Dog.



Videos are coming….check back soon!


Videos are coming….check back soon!


Videos are coming….check back soon!



Tired of Being Obedient” features Glenn as the trainer in this wonderful children’s book. Five world renowned trainers Glenn studied with have contributed their wisdom for the adults in the family.  Help your child and your dog learn about the freedom that comes with being obedient.

Glenn saw the need for a better more effective tool for his clients to stop out of control pullers. His invention has been demoed and proven on over 1,000 dogs. Available only to clients.


Invite Glenn to speak at your next dog event.  Educating owners about dog behavior and equipping them to fix issues that make their life difficult, is our passion.